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Q: How is your data compiled?
A: The data is collected by our In-house and on-field team from surveys and seminars, trade shows, paid business directories, websites and other trusted sources and are not compiled from some free online directories.

Q: How often is your database updated?
A: We offer updated quality data. All consumer and business data is updated 2 times a year.

Q: In what formats can I get my list?
A: We provide you list in .csv or excel format which will open in excel.

Q: How can I make sure the data is valid before making purchase?
A: For all types of database which we have kept on our website to sell we have kept sample database link for you to download and verify the data. This will help you to validate our database and make quick purchase decision.

Q: How will the data be delivered?
A: Your data will be sent to you by email. You can download your data to your computer by a simple click from your mouse. Make sure that you save the data to your computer.

Q: What forms of payment do you accept?
A: We accept payment by PayPal/Western Union/MoneyGram for clients outside India. If you are making payment from India you can directly pay by online transfer/ cash deposit/ cheque deposit in our bank account.

Q: What if the data is not accurate as per mentioned on the website?
A: It won’t happen that the data is not accurate as per mentioned on the website but in-case such issue arises we will make sure that you are compensated with equivalent amount of data to replace the bad data.

Q: After I make the payment within how much time do I get the data?
A: After your payment is done and once we receive it in our account we try to deliver you the data on the same day.

QQ: How is the price of your data the most competitive in the industry?
A: We keep our companies operating cost to a minimum. This allows us to offer our data at inexpensive prices.

Q: Are there any usage limits?
A: No. We do not rent or lease data, we sell data only. Once the data is purchased you own the data which you can use for your own business use.

Q: How do I place an order?
A: Please refer how to order? Page for more details.

Q: How can I contact you if I need help?
A: The best way to contact us is by email, we can also be contacted by live chat option on our website or on phone during hours of operation. Monday − Saturday 10 AM-8 PM IST.

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